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Cardology is a mystical system of knowledge that is actually an ancient calendar. It is a blending of astrology and numerology with sacred glyphs that today we refer to as playing cards. Cardology not only explains the personality and characteristics of everyone in the world, but also provides timely and practical understanding into the events and experiences in our lives. The science of the cards also identifies who we do and don’t get along with and why.

Cardology Community brings together the various teachings of this magical system from around the world to one convenient place and is an open source community for those who are seeking a better understanding of themselves, their lives, and of life here on Earth.

This ancient system has numerous names, some more well known than others:  52 Keys, 52 Secrets, Ancient Calendar of the Magi, Ancient Science of the Cards, Astro-Cards, Atlantean Cards, Birth Card System, Book of Destiny, Book of Life, Cards of Destiny, Cards of Illumination, Cards of Truth, Card System, Destiny Cards, Egyptian Tarot, Life Cards, Little Book of Destiny, Little Book of Life, Little Book of the Seven Thunders, Love Cards, Magian Cardology, Magi Cards, Metasymbology, Mystic Card Science, Mystic Quadrate System, Mystic Test Book System, Oracle Cards, Personal Time-Map System, Sacred Symbols, Solar Cards, Soulmancing, the original Tarot Cards, Tarotology, The Ancient Book of Time, The Book of Life, The Cards, and The Cards of Life.

No Matter What It is Called, Everyone Loves Cardology!


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